Looking for a specific piece and don't see it on our site? No need to worry. We have a huge network of dealers that can source any and every watch, no matter the demand. Normal time to source a piece is between 24-48 hours once a deposit is received. For the more rare limited editions, please allow up to 72 hours. Any deposit placed to source an item is refundable if the requested item is not available. Please understand we are still a small organization, deposits ensure that we are not wasting anyones time and are using our resources for ready and willing customers. 
If you're looking to find any timepieces please text your information over to this phone number: +1 (469) 907-3695 - Anthony Farrer
Please include the following information: 
1.) Full Name
2.) Email Address
3.) Watch You Are Searching For
4.) New or Preowned 
*Please include any pictures you think may help expedite the search.