I will buy your watch

Need cash fast? I would be happy to make an offer based on current market data and provide you with a detailed report of how our offer is figured. Follow the steps below and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


  1. You’ll need to fill out the form below and submit the required pictures via email. Please make sure pictures are clear and easy to view. Please review the form below for a list of required shots. Be as detailed as possible when filling out information as this will allow me to provide you with the most accurate price range you can hope to receive. After viewing your request form and photos, I will asses an appropriate price range that your watch  is worth. If you are still interested in moving forward I will arrange to have your watch shipped to my location for inspection.
  2. Once you decide to move forward, I will email you a prepaid, insured, shipping label and packing instructions. You must package the watch according to the instructions as these are the requirements to be covered by insurance. You may then drop the watch at your nearest UPS or FedEx location.
  3. Once we receive your watch, my team will perform the necessary tests and inspections to ensure the watch is in the condition described. We perform a number of tests to ensure authentication, time accuracy, water testing, and overall condition.
  4. After a complete review, we will confirm your payment and get it sent out- either by check, bank wire, or in-store credit.

Here are some suggested shots that will help us determine the status of your timepiece before we have it in our hands:

Straight on showing a clear view of the Dial and Bezel. Setting the time to 10:10 moves the hour/min hands out of view of the logo, date window, or chronograph dials.

Bottom Left view of the case and strap.

Left side of the case. Usually opposite side of the crown.

Top left side of the case.

Bottom right side. Usually the side showing the crown and chrono pushers.

Right side of the casing. Clear shot of the crown.

Top right side of the case.

Straight on picture of the clasp while it is closed.

Straight on pic of the Clasp while it is open if it has connected links.

Clear shot of the caseback. With the exception of Rolex, most watch brands display important information such as model #, Serial #, limited edition #’s, etc. Watches with sapphire crystal cashback’s allows easy viewing of the movement inside.

Pictures containing all materials related to the timepiece are always recommended as it helps us valuate the watch fully.

Any additional pics such as close ups of the straps/bracelet where it connects to the lugs or individual pics of any numbers located on the watch are always helpful. You can never send too many pictures when trying to get an accurate description to us.

Although these styles of pictures are highly recommended when requesting an offer to buy, sell, or consign your timepiece, these are merely suggestions and not required. You may provide many pics or none at all. Either way we are going to take care of you. If no pictures are provided, please allow an extra 24 hours upon receipt of the watch to properly asses it.

Your Information: