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The Timepiece Gentleman

I am an avid collector and enthusiast from Dallas, Tx. After years of paying retail prices on brand new pieces, I began to explore the pre-owned market. I started to notice a trend. People were showing interest in gently used timepieces but there was an underlying fear of buying outside a brick and mortar authorized dealer. With the replica market growing at a rapid pace and the quality of fakes getting better, it’s becoming harder and harder for the average person to distinguish whether a timepiece is truly authentic.


I started The Timepiece Gentleman because I noticed as my collection grew, friends and family members were showing interest in the luxury watch market but were unaware that their next timepiece was more obtainable than they realized. Even in the pre-owned market, a luxury watch is no small investment. However, my goal is to provide exceptional pieces at values that minimize depreciation losses. (I go into detail in my educational eBook about the costs associated with buying new vs. pre-owned.


There will always be fears associated with buying online. I hope to minimize them by providing exceptional details about the timepiece you’re considering, offering honest pricing, showing comparable pieces being offered elsewhere and information that separates my listing from the competition, and providing a smooth transaction from start to finish.


If you’re looking to buy or sell a pre-owned watch, there are plenty of options: eBay, auction houses, forums, your local jeweler. But how do you know you’re getting a fair price? How do you trust the person on the other side of that transaction? The Timepiece Gentleman promises to deliver the best experience possible so you will never consider buying elsewhere.




Anthony Farrer

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